Cinema Perdu


Soundtracks without movies

I usually use fieldrecordings as a starting point for my compositions. With all kinds of other sound sources like manipulated samples, recorded sounds with a contact microphone and sound experiments on synths i want to musically (re)create the feeling of a place at a certain time. sometimes its more factual, sometimes its more storytelling.
Live-perfomances are for the most part improvisations in which i use sounds and structures from past and upcomming releases.

Besides projects shown below i make music for theater and performance art.




Cinema Perdu
Fragments Of Echoes (cassette + digital download)
2 compositions with found sounds (3"cd-r limited mini-digipak edition/3"cd-r non-limited jewelcase edition) - Reviews
Amsterdam CS (CD) - Reviews (English and Dutch)
Interventions in a Landscape (CD) - Reviews (English and Dutch)
Invocation (The [Law-Rah] Collective & Cinema Perdu) (CD)
A Perfect Negative (Cassette)
Zeche/Landscape (File)
Blue Ruins Under Yellow Skies (Woodbender, Cinema Perdu, The [Law-Rah] Collective) (Cassette)
Reworks (Cassette)
Weggaan (Cassette)
8 Darks In Red (And Gray) (File)
Cinema Perdu (File)

As Martijn Pieck
L´Anormalité // La Déviance (CD/art)

For theater
I already composed a lot of music for theater/performances.
In 2019 i composed music for choir for the first time.
Tones (live)     
    Klei (live)    
sung by an occasional choir especially formed for this (community) art project

As member of the [law-rah] collective
Innovation (CD)
resurrection - almost live at maschinenfest (Cassette)
Live (Cassette)
Kaviaar & Korenwolven (Cassette)
Field Of View (CD)
[ANS]werk (CD)
Solitaire (CD)
Inspiration (CD)

As member of woodbender:
The Fountain A Conduit (Cassette + download)
Coincidences (Cassette)

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